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  • 2 Tablet/Capsule Counting Bottling Line
    CVC offers a complete range of equipments and accessories to complete your solid dosage production and packaging line.
  • 3 Nano XPLC - the ONE and ONLY
    Nano XPLC is an ultra-high pressure HPLC system of the nanoscale flow rate. Its ultra high pressure pump is able to reach 20,000 psi, far higher than the regular HPLC at only 5,000~7,000 psi.
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Innovations in Nano-LC and Ultra High Pressure Technology. We are proud to offer the best performance at a very affordable price for your analytical-HPLC, Ultra-High Pressure UPLC column needs.


Pharmaceutical Equipment

CVC Technologies, headquartered in Fontana, USA, is the leading pharmaceutical equipment provider.